Agua de Niebla de Canarias S.L.

Agua de Niebla de Canarias S.L. is a spanish company dedicated to the development and implamentation of systems to collect water from the mist.
After more than 10 years of scientific and professional experience in this area, Agua de Niebla de Canarias S.L. was established. We have patented three-dimensional collectors NRP 3.0 (UM 200801154) with the purpose of contributing to the development and improvement of systems able to obtain quality water without energy.
Funded by ENISA , Cajasiete and Cajarural.

RedEmprendeverde Award Biod. Foundation (Spain)

EmprendedorXXI Award Caixa-Gob. Canarias (Canary Islands)

Most valued company for green investment (Spain)

European Award in the business environment (Spain)

Other projects

Fog Collector scientific purposes for forest, in to the forest watchtower El Gaitero, Tenerife.
This installation was performed in 2010 with the aim of characterizing the potential of fog in the central part of Tenerife can compare the data obtained with Chilean type collectors installed  right next.
The water obtained is directed to a nearby forest container with a capacity of 30,000 liters. At present this facility is included in the project Drop by Drop.
The maximum flow rate obtained at this point was 1074 liters / day.

social conventions ANC

Agua de Niebla de Canarias S. L. has signed an agreement of collaboration with social SERVIDIS company and its Foundation, with which people with disabilities perform the maintenance of our facilities. This will put a small grain of sand in the maintenance of these jobs, which will continue to feel useful and integrated into a society that, even today, forget them and away (unfortunately). 
In addition, under the advice of the ONCE and the Commission Braille Spanish, we have redesigned the label of our Alisios water, so that people with full partial visual dicapacidad (over mostly) and (blind) can easily indentificar our product and learn from their characteristics. 
A simpler and better world is possible!