Alisios, Canarian Mist Water

Our spring is in the sky

Alisios is the unique bottled water collected directly from the clouds in a sustainable and innovative way.
Drop by drop, we collect this high quality water of weak mineralization, without bicarbonates and with a unique balance of minerals salts from de Atlantic Ocean, providing a spacial and characteristic purity.
Alisios its presented in two types: in bottles of 1 and 0.5 litres. 
Our "Water Farm" or Collection Plant is located in the summits of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain, at an altitude of 1.600 meters, in a landscape of a great beauty, in the Protected Lansdcape of Las Cumbres, Valleseco.
The "Alisios Water Farm" is composed by 30 mist collectors Garoé NRP 3.0, able to collect up to 15.000 liters/day of quality water.
After various filtering processes, water is transported to the bottling plant where ultraviolet light is to ensure complete purity and fastness.
This installation, unique and pionner in the world, occupies an area of 350 m2 and it requeries no energy, no waste is produced and does not affect the environment in any way.


Destination and points of sale

Alisios is the first and only mist water bottled in the world, is within the waters of highest quality and has a distinctive, production, sustainable and very limited, so it is focused to Gourmet or Premium type sector.
It is aim to mid and high range Hotels and Restaurants, and stores and shops that sell exclusive products. Alisios is a special water to enjoy, give as a present or share with friend in good times.
Alisios is not only water, represents much more, is  rural development, living landscapes, laurel and ravines, is pure sky and living nature, Alisios is Canary Islands.


Analytical clouds water

Very weak mineralization to exclusive palates

Alisios mist water has a very weak mineralization, and its principal feature is being one of the lowest bicarbonated and calcium water in the world, so its an ideal water for people with kidney problems.  as well as for preparing baby food ,  complement to low sodium diets, and a perfect cumpliment for healthy diets. 
In general, we tend to think that clouds are made of distilled water, but this is not true.
Note values ​​in Sodium and  Chloride. These elements come from the sea salt particles present in the Atlantic Ocean clouds .due to clouds that yield Alisios form over the Atlantic Ocean. These sea salt particles are the nuclei were the drops of water are formed.
Canary's skies are one of the cleanest in the world, (that is why there are numerous astronomical research facilities) and therefore our water is obtained in a clean envoraimentals areas. 
All this contributes to the extraordinary purity of Alisios, a unique product.




Legislation applied on water mist

Because of fog water harvesting sector is virtually unknown, there is no specific regulation.
In the case of Alisios, as stated in the Spanish health legislation, RD and RD 140-2003 1744-2003,  if water does not come from a underground source (spring or mineral) it should be governed according to RD 1799 to 2010, having to be called as "prepared drinking water ", although for us, as producers, we do not like this name as it can confuse the final customer.
We are dealing with the competent institutions so that the water mist is regulated and named in a proper way. In the mean time, because of the existing regulations,  we cannot include in our labels tha analytic data which is of an extraordinary interest, and it has to be traded as "prepared drinking water".