Drop by Drop network

Project characterization of optimal areas for fog captures

In Agua de Niebla de Canarias S.L.we know that research and development of new systems should be one of the main pillars of innovative companies, so we have established agreements with various research organizations for various projects, among which Drop by Drop project.
The objective of the Drop by Drop Network is the survey, evaluation and characterization of areas in Spain and in the Macaronesia with high potential for sustainable use of the mists.
Once these areas are surveyed and included in multivariate scale, the Water Farms can be accurately dimensioned .
These studies will not only provide important data nonexistent so far, but they will also allow the develpment of adaptations and provide important knowledgement in the water catchment worldwide., allowing Spain to be a international reference in the sustainable water field. 



Cabildo de Tenerife

Cabildo de El Hierro


Study areas

This project aims to evaluate almost all areas influenced by low clouds of the country, serving as technical and scientific basis for future applications of these techniques with the ability to export to third countries.
The data and developments from the project Network Drop by Drop, will place Spain at the head of research and development of systems for water obteined in a unconventional way.
Will be universal, so they will employ different uptake systems allowing to work out correlation factors and to assess the differences and advantages between them.

A true network

The basis of this project Drop by Drop is the creation of a network on the internet where the data in each location can be published, sharing documentation and experiences among all the regions concerned.
A real knowledge and contact network among multidisciplinary professionals and stakeholders in the water sector and in new technologies that respect the environment, so a "bank of ideas" can be created and achieving synergies and new cooperation projects.