Water farms

Getting water in isolated areas

The "Water Farms" are groups of  NRP 3.0 fog collectors for the production of large volumes of high quality water, sized according to the needs of each project, with different purposes and uses:
-Forest Uses: Reservoirs or dams supply to store water in periods of fire, water support for reforestation, supply to surveillance areas, camping areas, recreational areas, etc..
-Agro-livestock: Supply for agriculture and livestock.
-Human consumption: Supply through networks for public and private supply, especially intended for isolated villages. Bottled water for human consumption.
In addition, water mists, due to its quality, can be used by mixing to the existing water resuouces, to improve the qualitative and quantitative of the water.
If you believe that in your region you can solve any water problem through Water Farms, please contact us.


El Hierro

Supply water forest with fog collectors NRP 3.0

In early June of 2013 we installed 6 fog collectors NRP 3.0 at three locations on the island of El Hierro (Canary Islands), Binto, Malpaso and Ajonce, which will serve, as the initial phase, of a project to supply in a economically and in a sustainable way,  forest reservois distributed in several places along the entire top of the "Meridian Island".
In this first stage, we evaluate the volumes obtained in a year by couples of fog collectors in order to determine the exact number we need to suppy these forest reservois for the hole Island. This will ensure the presence of water in the mountains which makes unnecesary the expense in other emergency costs, such as water pumping to the forest areas.

The overall fog

Areas of particular interest for fog water collection

In some regions of our planet ,geo-climatic conditions are perfect for a rational use of water mists, allowing in many cases, a water supply in isolated areas by the improvent in quality and quantity of the existing water resources, enabling furthermore to minimize costs associated with water transport to these places.
The mists of which water  can be obtained with these passive entrapment methods, must be dynamic, thist is, with the presence of wind. These mists are usually due to low clouds that are carried by ocean winds to landfall. In the Canary Islands, these clouds fromations (stratocumulus orographic) are called "Sea ​​Clouds" . These are produced by the topography that stops the low clouds and gives this apperance. In countries such as Chile, are called "Camanchacas".
The speed of the mist and therefore the drops contained in the mist, is the most important factor in the uptake of water. In addition, other important factors are: the presence of obstacles and land shapes, orientation, altitude, etc..

Social projects

Fog Water for the world

Today we are in contact with various associations, companies, organizations and research institutes to promote projects in depressed areas or isolated geográficamene with water deficiencies, which allows not only access to the population to quality water, filling a basic need but  also could contribute to create jobs and diversifying the economy of these regions (exploiting the water farms as a bussiness) 
In many regions of the world ,fog capture can improve the quality of life of thousands of people.